Go through the Black Door.

You decide to open the Black Door.  You reach out your hand towards the brass handle, the flakes of black paint move as a light breeze slides across you.  There is an energy behind the door, an unconciouss spirit.  It whispers your name.

You turn the handle slowly, the latch clicks from the keep with ease and the door swings open.  The room is jet black.  You can see nothing until the light from a small candle fights its way through the blackness.  It looks like a pinprick of light within the dense room.  You whisper as loud as you dare.  "Hello?"  There is no reply.  The candle light entices you and like the moth to a flame it entices you drawing closer and closer.

As you approach the light, the flame flickers casting its pitiful glow over a pistol.  You recognise it.  It is an exact copy of the 9mm pistol your dad used to have when he was in the army.  You bend down and examine it as the scent of the gun oil wafts into your nostrils provoking childhood memories of your dad.  You check the barrel and a sole bullet is in the weapon.

Suddenly the candle goes out and the room is awash with bright light, your eyes struggle to adjust when a sharp shrill scream to your left grabs your attention.  Its your mum.  She is struggling, a man is attacking her, you raise the pistol and take aim just as another scream takes your attention away.

It's your wife.  She is being attacked by another man, he's trying to rape her.  You have no idea what is going on, you hope its a bad dream and that you'll wake up at any minute, but you don't....

The End

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