Go through the Red Door.

The door creeks open.  The draft from the door sucks you into a trance.  The room is silent, deadly silent.  The red satin drapes that hang from the wall lean over you, stare down upon you questioningly.  The room is lit with several torches, it seems to go on for ever, in the distance you can just make out a small figure sat.

You begin to run.  You don't know why, something just compels you to and before you know it your charging towards the figure as fast as you can until suddenly you stop.  The figure turns out to be a child.  A bald child.  You cannot distinguish the childs gender but being in the childs presence commands your respect.

The child speaks.  "Do you know why you are here?"  "I chose to enter the red door I guess."  You reply.  The child stares at you and raises an eye brow.  "Yes you chose to enter the red door.  It was a bad decision....."

The End

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