a half eaten club sandwich that's starting to go bad.

You sigh with relief and then stagger back in disgust as a maggot wriggles out of the sandwich filling. Rotting sandwiches, an empty room and a throbbing headache could things be any worse? And as if to answer the question a dull chattering sound echoes around the room. Cautiously you shine the light around the bare walls eventually discovering the source of the sound, the desk drawer. The desk seems to tremble from within but as you lay your hand on the drawer all movement ceases. You step back in puzzlement and the trembling begins again. Your head throbs in a continued reminder of its presence seemingly turning the volume of the trembling drawer to an unbearable level. You try to pull the drawer open but it is firmly locked and neither HB pencils of juicy fruit show any chance of opening the drawer.


The End

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