You wake up with a throbbing headache

This, along with "Wheeeeel ooooof pooouuultry!" and "What's with all the feathers?!", was one of the three (!) stories I had on my original CYOA site back in 1999.

It's here mainly for nostalgia's sake, but it generated some pretty curious follow-ups the first time, so I thought I'd give it another go-round and see what mayhem it creates here.

And what a headache it is. Ugh. More like a migraine."Why me," you think to yourself. "Why me?"

Slowly, you raise yourself up from your incredibly uncomfortable spot on the cold, hard ground and decide you'd better figure out where here the heck you are. It's dark, and the only things you have in your pockets are a flashlight, 2 HB pencils, and a stick of Juicy Fruit™... well, at least that's all you remember having.

The End

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