You choose your fate to be as a normal human who's entire living system relies on the fact that oxygen is available plentifully for it to survive, but that oxygen no longer seems to be in plentiful. In fact, there is no oxygen at all and with this sudden realization your eyes widen a fraction of a second before your lungs are crushed inwards and your throat feels like it's getting sucked outwards. Your skin feels like it's being ripped off and you start imagining a large silver object with flickering lights coming towards you. Wait, you shouldn't be imagining things this early, or should you? Who knows.

The big object expands some sort of arm-looking thingy and the front of the arm has a  bulbous shape that opens up and covers you completely. Suddenly you can breathe again and your lungs forcefully suck what ever kind of gas that's entering your body in immediately. You can see a tunnel leading to the center of the large shape and there seems to be light in that direction. You can pretend to be dead from suffocation, follow the light at the end of the tunnel, or do nothing and observe your surroundings more clearly.

The End

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