Look for civilization.

You decide that there isn't much else you can do but look for civilization. When you look ahead, no matter what direction you are looking in, you realize that there isn't anything in sight. There are no signs of life anywhere. How will you decide which direction to start looking in?

Ahh! You know!

You spin around in a circle until you become so dizzy you feel nauseous. Then, you wait until your head stops spinning and your eyes are focused and look ahead again. But.. something isn't right. The sky is no longer yellow, it's pitch black and filled with.. stars?

Then, you realize- your feet are not on the ground. There is no ground. It appears that you are floating in space, and are not wearing any sort of astronaut gear of any kind.

It occurs to you that there is no oxygen in space and that you cannot breath (if you are a human, that is).

What do you do?

The End

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