Chapter 02Mature

You too would be rather annoyed when it comes to waiting in line. Registration takes forever, especially with the grade eights running around everywhere. I feel as if I’m in a zoo, all the creatures that were in their tanks and cadges had escaped, leaving a horrid mob of pests; that’s the grade eights. Now, I’m in grade ten, so I should deserve respect, right? Well, apparently to the grades below me, I don’t deserve any ounce of respect. It annoys me, however if they ever annoy us, and by us I mean my group, I would always ask Ruby for help. Usually, she just stares and they run off.


The line is finally moving, as we begin shuffling along again. I pull out my music device, placing one headphone in my ear. I need to drain this noise out; it’s getting on my nerves. The music is booming as we move like penguins, my feet shifting against the ground. I sigh, glancing around the place. People’s mouths are moving, but all I can hear is my music as I watch their mouths move up and down. I find it funny how I can only hear my music and some of them almost look as if they’re actually saying the lyrics. I let out a chuckle, how stupid they seem to me. Everything is peaceful.


Well, it was peaceful, until a yank at my headphones got my attention. I hiss, “What the hell?!” I glare at the person, only to see it was Ruby, “Oh, it’s you…”

Ruby sighs, “I’ve been behind you all this time…”

“You were?” She stared at me flatly, and I couldn’t help but laugh, “I was just joking!” I sigh, “Anyway, what’s up?”

“I was wondering if we get new teachers this term or do we still get the same ones?”

I shrug, “We were on Christmas break weren’t we? So I think we stay in our classes to the New Year?”

Piper nods, “That is true, but they can or you can move up a class…”

“I might move up one class…” Ruby sighs.

“Why would you want to do that?” I question out loud. All I got in response was a shrug.


Second Road Academy is for us Mystical’s to come and train and learn how to use our magic. The name of the school may seem made up, but I can assure you that it’s not. Mystical’s from across the globe come here, although there are some conditions. In order to be in this school you must have some connection to this world. Now, that may seem stupid considering that I’m in a school full of Mystical’s, but you’ll be surprised in how many of us don’t have a connection to this world. Also, you must know magic, that’s kind of obvious; it would be kind of stupid if you didn’t know any magic to this day. However, despite all of this, there is one major rule that is above all of the ones that I’ve mentioned and it’s this, no Mystical shall be discovered by a Commoner otherwise we’ll get banished from this world.


Okay, that last rule may confuse you so let me say this, it’s actually a law for Mystical people. You see, even though we may look like you, we cannot be seen when doing our magic. If that confused you even more I’ll put it to you bluntly, we are never seen doing Mystical things that we do. Trust me; if we are ever seen doing magic, we get banished, I should know, my father had that done to him. Now I’m currently known as ‘the delinquents’, I hate that!


The line is finally moving as everyone begins to disappear, leaving just us left to registrant ourselves in. I hear the registration lady sighs, looking up at me, “Name?”

“Daniella Parker.”

She glances down at the list ticking off my name, “You’re the delinquent’s daughter, am I right?”

My eye brows twitches, “You know, the other lady that did your job last term was a lot nicer than you, miss.”

Her expression holds boredom as she hands me my new time table, “That’s nice. Now sign in over there.”

I huff in irritation, strolling over to the daily presence sheet, “Do you have a pen, miss?”

“Here.” Ruby tosses me a pen, sighing, “I’m Ruby Peterson.”

As Ruby strolls up to me, I sigh, “As I said, I prefer the other lady.” I glance over to the noticing someone was rushing in. I couldn’t see who it was though, as I was shoved out the door by Ruby.


This place is massive; I don’t even know where any of my classes are. Each term, we get new classes apparently, therefore new rooms that are practically impossible to find in this school. I had just past building one and apparently I don’t have any classes in there. All my classes are now in building five, but I’ve never been in that building, heck I don’t even know where it is.


Picking up my pace, I run towards the map of this school, huffing. I glance at the map, my eyes scanning the contents, but I ended up in confusion. I never knew that we had a garden place nor construction building here, yet here it is, according to this map. I sigh, this is stupid. However, I did find out where my room is, so I run towards it.


You know that feeling when you’re late and someone bump into you and it really annoys you death? Well, I’m in that situation right now. 

The End

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