Chapter 01Mature

You too will be rolling over to the other side of your bed, hitting the alarm at 4:30 in the morning. The sun isn’t up yet, but there’s light from a random light in the house. I groan, rubbing the sleep out of my eyes, cursing at this un-holy hour of the morning. I hate mornings, Mondays’ especially. It also happens to be a Monday morning in the winter, which is even worse.


However, it has occurred to me that I’m not a normal teenager, and rightly so, the fact is correct. To classify me under a ‘group’, I’ll be in ‘Who do you think you are?’ group, but I just laugh at this. It is true that I’m different, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t know who I am. I know who I am; you know who you are, so let’s just leave it at that.


Or, I can tell you who I am, in life that is. You see, I’m not like you. Yeah sure I look like you, but it doesn’t mean I’m a part of your life, far from the fact. To my people, you are known as Commoners, people who don’t know or believe in fantasy and magic. Now, my people are known as the Mystical folk, people who are the exact opposite of you. We, with a click of a finger, can do magic right before your very eyes. Our laws and customs are different from yours; we behave and treat everything differently. To your eyes, this may seem strange, but to us, it’s our normal routine of life.


I never realised the time, its 5:30. I gasp, jumping out of bed and heading towards the bathroom. To wake myself up a little more, I open the frozen water you call cold, and stand in it. Yes, I know its winter and I know this is really insane to do, but it actually does help. Once I’m done, I get out and get changed into my uniform and rush down stairs. My mother smirks, saying that I’m going to be late.


Okay, to get your head out of the clouds of confusion, I’ll say this; my school is really messed up. We start at seven; I go by six because it takes an hour to get there by foot. My school is in the clouds, which makes me climb this hill. That’s the thing that takes an hour, the mountain climb. As soon as I get there, there’s the registration desk, followed by assembly, which usually takes an hour to do. After that I have classes, training to build up this magic I use.


We Mystical’s can use magic, whether it’s sparks from my hands to reading minds. Each class I take has something involving magic; we learn to control them. The concept is like this; I show up, I learn new tricks to scare people, I go to the next class and it starts all over again, as if on rewind. It never gets old though; someone’s always stuffing up. I always end up laughing my head off, while my best friend pretends she doesn’t know me.


I had just finished my breakfast on time; my mother shoving me out the door. She yells, “Don’t be late this afternoon, Daniella!”

I wave, “Fine!” I begin to walk down to my best friend’s house. It’s really quiet at six in the morning, but that’s to be expected. I can see off in the distance the sun rising, smiling upon me. I smile back, taking in the warmth despite the thick white stuff beneath my feet, making them feel uncomfortably cold. Some fall from the sky too, and it’s truly a sight to behold. However, there is one thing. I know snow is beautiful and all, but damn is it cold as heaven comes. Seriously, I don’t remember the weather ever being this cold.


Looking up from the path below me, I notice my best friend by her gate, ever so patiently too. This isn’t surprising though, she is the patient one after all. She is easy to find, not with her red hair, then the fact that she is incredibly tall. She goes by the name of Ruby. I’m the louder one, and she’s more of the ‘strong yet silent one’, if you catch my drift that is. We go by what you Commoners call stereotypes.


I wave, “Ruby! Whazzup?!” She just stares at me, as if I lost my mind. I sigh, “I was saying hello, Ruby.”

“…You could’ve just said hello like every other person…” She rolled her eyes, walking at quite a brisk pace, “It’s nice to see you though; how was your birthday?”

Funny how she changes the subject so quickly, “It was fine…” I have to run after her with her pace she’s giving, “Hey, why are you walking so fast?”

She looks back frantically, “No time to explain, just hurry!”

We’re practically running, until a hand met with my shoulder. I jumped, looking behind me, only to see her twin sister. I sigh, “What’s up, Adele?” I tried my best not to laugh.

“Dammit!” Ruby curses under her breath, “Someday, I’ll kill you…”

“Oh Ruby, you’re like so over rated…” she scoffed, “Hey, Dani.”

I sigh; some things never go unnoticed, “I’m fine…Thanks for asking…”


Honestly, for a twin, I thought she’ll cool, but she isn’t; she’s annoying. To classify her in your Commoner community, she’ll be the ‘blond ditz’, and she is. She goes by the name Adele; quite an odd name that is, well I think so anyway. You don’t hear that name that often; it’s an almost an extinct name. As I said, she is a blond ditz, but that’s all because of her attention span; it’s extremely small. I would really like to push her off one of the school’s buildings, however I’m not allowed to do that; Ruby is her tougher sister. So she hangs out with us, much to my displeasure.


Its six fifteen, and we’re on our way to the clouds. My other friend showed up. Her classification would be the ‘nerd’; she’s super smart, also a midget. She goes by the name of Piper. Like Commoners in your place, she gets picked on a lot. That is why we protect her, despite her antics.


Either way, all of us get along fine.


The gates to above the clouds are in our view. It’s a large grand gate with patterns and all that to make it look pretty. However, you cannot enter; it’s forbidden for a Commoner to enter a Mystical’s world. If you do, you shall die without a trace of your death. It’s strict, yes but we love to keep secrets.


I walk up to the gate, whispering the password. The gates open; a bright light illuminating at our faces. We all flinch, before seeing the staircase with some fellow classmates walking up them, smiling and chatting away. I groan, and begin the mountain climb.


Second Road Academy awaits.       

The End

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