You Think You're Better.

This isn't a story, it's a poem.. The assignment was to put ourselves in someone else's shoes.

They talk all posh, ‘Oh my goodness, lah-di-dah’,        

They have shiny shoes and flashy cars,

They have scones and cream and cups of tea,

Servants, diamonds, plasma TV,

They like to play Polo, watch ballet and opera,

They have hankies and top-hats, ‘Good morning Guv’nor!’

With their shirts and their ties and their fancy dresses,

Boys with hair combed, girls with long glossy tresses,

‘Hunting old chap, splash of brandy?’

‘Jolly spiffing, corking and dandy!’

Well, just ‘cos I wear a hoody, and a ponytail,

You think you’re more important, my monarch to hail.

The End

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