You Think It's All Fun And Games!

Ever felt like curling up in a corner? Screaming out the insanity of your mind until the darkest depths of your madness is soothed? Well then, prepare for the psychologically challenged problems that prepare the people for danger...

Scratching at the surface, my bleeding ears call for death. Yet does it here, no...


I sit here... my arms a tangled mess as the blades slice through my skin. 'Tis not my fault the life of mine is a sudden mess of insanity. The words that people say... compared to other things, words are the worst. Words are not just words, they're weapons... their contexts, the sharp tips of the baldes that sink deeper and deeper into my mind.

Do you we dare pull them out? Do we dare heal those wounds? Do we dare speak of our madness?

Why should I? No one will listen to me, their darkest sins pouncing for them in their sleep and recurring everytime it happens.

He who murders an individual, will be murdered eternally in the soul. That's what I say! But why is it happening to me?

The black ivy vines grow in my mind and spiral out of control, distracting me from the implements of reality - telling me the truths that can never be lied about, telling me the sories that have no truth upon its pages, telling me the odes that lips cannot produce.

My name is Tobias Jake Anderson - and I'm the psychopathic killer that will murder your sanity!

The End

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