'Ominous' was two stops ago...

Three friends wake up to a changed world. What would you do if you were one of them, and how would you write their story, as a collaborator?

@travisthemasonheimer instead of writing about a person from the past in the future, what if we write about people waking up and being under the influence of mind control but not knowing it...


Je tried to focus, to wake up and begin the day, 'the first day of trials,' she thought.  She had been selected, she remembered, but trying to recall anything else was difficult.  'Why?' she thought, irritated. Why was her mind so blank, so tired almost, as if she had been sleep deprived...


Ras felt his face with one hand, and froze.  Today was the first day of trials, he was sure of it.  The thought had come to him full force, interrupting his efforts to wake himself up. Why did he feel so strange, as if his head was stuffed with cotton? He looked at his hand, and moved it away from his face until it was no longer blurry...


"Khom!" Silence. "Wake up, Khom." After a moment's thought, the voice lost its unfamiliarity. "It is my voice, a recording of my voice," he thought, "I am Khom." Slowly sitting up, the man vainly attempted to make out his surroundings in the dark.  He was slowly waking up, but that was about all he was sure of, besides that his name was Khom...



(Transcript, intercepted signal traffic...)


Your alert was lacking details.

I did not want to alert the watchers.

Go to secure...patch Kromega in.

(pause, crackling, minor distortion) Line secured, sir.

Yes sir, Kromega here.

Both of you have been asked to set aside your differences, yes?

Y-ess, sir.

Yes, we have, sir.

Then handle any problems, and stop bothering me!

Metaframe is locking us out, sir!

(pause, clearing of throat) Is this true, Kromega?

Aye-aye, sir.

I was unaware such a thing was even possible. (long pause, clicking key sounds) ...try logging in again in five minutes. Prime will have to be read in, I suppose...

(muffled intake of breath) Prime? Prime hasn’t been told yet-

No, Kromega, but she will soon. (heavy sigh, tapping sounds) Back to work, gentlemen. Good work and thanks for your-

(Transcript end, intercepted signal lost, unable to reacquire.)


The End

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