You Reap What You Sow

One act of kindness could go a long way.

Walking down the streets of New York I see poverty left and right. I religiously give money, clothing or food to those in need no matter what my financial status is. Normally people would not use their time giving to the needy when instead they can be making money. However, I enjoy the gratitude I receive from the people I donate to. I feel as if I am actually making a difference in the person’s life. Putting a smile onto someone’s face and having them say thank you is always sufficient for me.

However, one day as I was headed to work I saw a boy. He was African American and about the age of fifteen. He wore a t-shirt, pants riddled with holes, and was also barefoot. I was running late to work but I didn’t need to think twice about pulling over and assisting him. I parked my vehicle beside the boy and gave the boy fifty dollars. I wish I could have done more but it was all I had with me. “If you need anything else I would be glad to help,” I said. Strangely, the boy smiled and said, “You have done enough and I will repay you quadruple the amount you gave me.”

He reached out with his hand told me his name, I did the same. Years have passed now and several things in my life just seemed to be going downhill. It was about eight months ago that I got fired from work and yesterday I was evicted from my home. With nowhere else to go I was now living in the streets. I found myself at the exact spot I gave fifty dollars to a boy in need. I stood there and cried.

 I wasn’t feeling sorry for I was crying because I could now imagine what type of life that boy lived. I have always wondered what happened to the boy, sometimes I wonder whether or not he went to jail or got shot and died. While I was feeling sorry for the boy a black Mercedes pulled up next to me. A tall black male stepped out he was wearing a black blazer and obviously had lots of money.

He smiled and asked, “Remember me, Mr. Johnson?”  I smiled back and replied, “How could I ever forget you Jacob?” Weeks later I was financially stable and had my own home much better than the one I previously owned. Who knew that one act of kindness could go so far but you know what they say,” You reap what you sow” 

The End

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