Your Lie-in

You open your eyes.

You let out a groan as you roll over, pulling your covers up to shield yourself from the sunlight coming it through the slit in the curtains. You curl up in bed, trying to get back to sleep, but its impossible now. You’re awake, so you may as well make the most of it.

You stumble out of your room and walk down the hall. You can hear snoring from one room, and swearing fro another. That means that Tommy is still asleep, and Steph is getting dressed – she’s been getting more and more frustrated recently since her arm is in a cast. She’ll have to keep it on for at least another six weeks. It was a really bad break. But at least neither of them will be needing the shower right now. That just leaves…

The bathroom door is locked, and the door next to it is open, revealing an empty room. Jason got there first. 

You swear under your breath and walk back to your room. Jason can, and will, take literally up to an hour in the shower. He’ll steam the room up, use up every last drop of the water, and leave his laundry stinking the whole place up beyond what anyone could consider ‘sanitary’.

You pull on some new clothes and sit down on your desk chair, swivelling round to face your computer. A few clicks and you’ve brought up your schedule for today. One lecture, no seminars. Pretty good day for a second year university student. Unfortunately, the lecture starts in ten minutes. You’d better run.  You aren’t in halls anymore.

Just as you finish stuffing notepads and books into a bag, you pause. You bring your right hand up to your face and stare at your bracelet. While your left arm has loads of bracelets and bands on it, this is the only one you wear on your right arm. You’ve had it for as long as you can remember. Your mom used to joke that you were born wearing it. Fourteen small metal orbs, divided by small disks made of the same material. Last night, you saw one of them turn green before you were miraculously saved from the mosh pit of death.

And now it was back.

Just sitting there, replacing one of the metal orbs. Or had one of the orbs become it? You don’t know, but neither do you really care. You cautiously poke it, and then flick it gently. Nothing happens.

You flick it harder. Still nothing.

You stare intensely at it, willing it to reveal its secrets, to do something miraculous, to explain itself to you. You want it to just DO something. But still, it just sits there doing nothing. 

You look at the clock. One minute until the lecture starts. You swear again, out loud this time. You grab your bag from the floor, then take a step…

And walk into your lecture hall.

You stop, stunned, and someone walks into the back of you.  “Walk faster, jerk."

You climb the steps to your usual spot, greet your friends and sit down. You glance at your bracelet. The green orb is gone again. You sigh, and lean back into your seat. The lecturer begins speaking, but you phase his words out. You’re still exhausted.

You close your eyes. 

The End

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