Your Discovery

Sorry about having to repost the first three chapters, but I needed to change some settings and stuff and it was easier to just repost it - sorry to anyone who lost comments etc

This is my first attempt at writing something in second person, and I'm really liking it so far, but we'll see how it goes :-)

You open your eyes.

You’re surrounded by people, all of them jumping and cheering along to the band. You can feel the bass reverberating though the floor and up your legs. You can only be a few metres from the stage, near the front off a massive crowd. You are so happy to be there – this band is your favourite. No competition.

You’ve seen them live before, but something feels different this time. The atmosphere is the same, but you feel different. Buzzing. Alive. Everything seems better. Once you’ve thought about it for a minute you consider if you’ve been spiked, but that can’t have happened. You haven’t drunk anything all night – drinks are too expensive here. Plus buying the tickets wiped out any money you have until you get paid at the start of the week. It was worth it though.

Someone bumps into your back, and you stumble forward. You grab the person in front of you to stop yourself from falling over, but they shrug you off. You push back at the person once you find your footing, but they push back just as hard. The idiot starts flinging his hands out in all directions, catching you on the side of your head and encouraging people around him to do the same. In seconds you’re caught in a whirling mass of bodies, running around and slamming into each other with alarming ferocity. You try to push your way out, but the people around the edge push you back in, thinking you’re one of them. You can’t blame them for trying to protect the people behind you, but you curse them under your breath. Another person hits you, and another, and another. One more collision, and you fall.

Someone bends down to pick you up, but in the whirling mosh he ends up down in the same situation as you. You see someone’s foot fly into his face, blood erupts from his nose and his eyes close. He goes limp.

A foot lands on your back, and you are pushed flat onto the floor, which is sticky from dropped drinks and god knows what else. You’re invisible to the people standing around you now – they are too caught up in the music. The band finishes one song and starts to build the crowd up before the next. There is a moment where you can see the boy through people’s legs – his face is bleeding in several places now, and his arm is twisted at an impossible angle. You reach out with your right hand, and grab his – his palm is cold and sweaty in your grasp, but also limp.

The opening chords to the next song start to play. The crowd cheers. The people around you start to jump. A pair of army boots land precariously close to your head. You can feel the panic rising in your chest – if you don’t get up, and pull this boy up with you, you aren’t even sure what will happen to the pair of you.

Your hand starts to shake. But not out of fear – it is being shaken. Your bracelet – the oldest one you own – is vibrating. As you watch, one of its silver orbs turns green. It glows in the low light like a beacon, and you can’t help but stare into it.

The song kicks in. The crowd cheers. The people jump. They land hard.

But you aren’t there anymore.

You’re at the back, tucked into a corner with everyone else facing forward, away from you. You’re standing, supporting the unconscious boy on your shoulder. You look at your bracelet. No green orb. No explanation. Just confusion.

You take a hesitant step forward, then another, and then you’re walking out the door. One of the bouncers sees you, and runs over to take the boy from you. He asks if you are ok, and you assure him that you are. It’s a long walk home, but you do it because you have no money for a bus, or a taxi. More than an hour later, you unlock the door to your house, climb up the stairs and crash onto your bed. The whole way home you’ve been confused, trying to work out what happened, but you can’t and all it’s done is left you drained and exhausted.

You close your eyes. 

The End

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