My days go by fairly normal. Except that Will started visiting me every day. It's like he wants to guard me from that psycho, even if he knows there’s nothing he can do, and that's more than fine with me. I started sleeping better since I told him about the incident. I now know that I am not alone. 


Just as I was checking my phone, I get a new message from an unknown number. I immediately know it's him. A paralyzing chill runs down my spine, but I manage to give the phone to Will and ask him to read the message. “Meet me at the park facing your house in an hour. I’ll explain everything. Don't call the police. I won't hurt you.” He read. “He’s insane to even think you’re meeting him. I'm calling the police!” He added with an angry frown that creased his forehead. “Didn't you just read what he said? I'm going to meet him. This might be my only chance at knowing what this is all about.” “It’s already late! This is dangerous and bluntly stupid.” he argued. I understand his frustration. I know he only want what’s best for me, and it’s probably a bad idea to go but I’m certain that I must go. “Can’t you see it's the only way to put an end to all this confusion? I don’t have an option here, I have to go.” “Then you're definitely not going alone, I'm coming with you.”


While I was changing my clothes I was also getting emotionally ready for the worst-case scenario. I kept telling myself that if he wanted to kill me he could've done that already, and if he wanted to hurt me he wouldn't meet me at a park. But meeting someone who've knocked you down with a shovel will never be a delightful idea. Through all of these emotions, my heart is filled with gratitude for Will, it feels like he paused his life to be by my side and I’ve never felt this kind of love from anyone else before. He's my rock that keeps me stable during all of this mess. “Ready?” Will asks while knocking on my bedroom's door.



It's the most horrifying walk I've ever had to take, thoughts rush into my mind like waves crashing onto the shore. I see a hooded man standing in the corner, I reach for Will's hand and clutch it with all my power. The hooded man approaches us and looks at Will with questioning eyes. “I want to talk to you alone, believe me, you don't want anyone to know what I'm about to tell you.” He muttered. I notice that he's much younger than what I've expected. He's a teenager with a familiar voice. “I trust him. Tell me everything and be quick!” I demanded.

“Have it your way, but don't tell me I didn't warn you, I want you to look at my face, don't you remember me? Doesn’t the name Jack ring a bell?” he asked while revealing his face. I look at him and for a second and it's like a hint of a memory flashes then disappears quickly in my brain. I feel Will's eyes reading me, trying to understand why I'd know this guy. “No.” is all I manage to say.

“Well, Once upon a time I was your beloved nephew” he stated sarcastically.


The End

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