That was where it started.

In her world of shadow, he introduced spunk. Just whispering his name aloud brought shivers as she pictured him. She could never forget a day that brought such vivid colors to her world.

In her mind, she saw him approach those heavy brass doors. Undaunted, he pulled them open with hardly a stagger, and walked into a room of stangers, thier glaring judgements melting against his assured gate. His tosled hair begged a comb, and he unclipped his snowboard from his back unaware or possibly ignoring those looks.

From a distance, her timid sillohette on a polished floor shrunk from the sight, already feeling the regret she couldn't do, the same saddening her from the deepest part. From the sidelines, she almost watched as the door closed out the last of the golden light, and shut her out of a desired paradise, but in the last second things changed. His eyes whipped up from his board, and bore directly into hers as if expecting to alter her life.

It is said the eyes can say more honestly what words can never scream, and she heard louder that any booming voice: "You only live once"

A desire to control what would only become a memory fueled her echoing feet down an all too empty hallway as she raced to embrace the terrors of what lay beyond those doors of unknown, leaving the darkness she came from.

A hero might laugh at her silly fears, but now she didn't care. She didn't want anyone to hold her back. A shadow is confined to the movements of their master. Rage filling her mind, she burst through those brass doors, entering a world of light, and leaving her dark world of reflected two dymentional black and white.

Standing in the blinding light, a victim to the unknown, she stood in the doorway. She wasn't thinking of the people to judge her, she wasn't thinking of the man who would break herr heart. She wasn't thinking of anyone but herself as she took her first step into the color. Life was to short to have been wondering what could have been, and as the doors closed behind her, she was happy she wasn't locked out on the other side.

The End

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