And so she Danced

She felt as she was: naked, as she stepped from the protected comfort of the known, into the sprinkling  cold that dripped from the showerhead. Eyes wide, goosebumps appeared across her flesh, and a fleeting feeling of stupidity flashed before being overwhelmed by a sensation of tingling risk she wanted to embark on. Determination rushed down her alongside the cool water and she released her doubts without compromise. 

She didn't allow herself to feel watched or self conscious, and as the water warmed and slid down her back, her shoulders fell with her breaths and released the tension coiling inside.

One would have thought, volnerable and alone for the world to see would be an action to shrivel ones pride, but the glowing sensation inside of her wanted to come out. There was an inner radiance so possessed and buried deep so strong, she wanted to embrace it, and never let it go. Her core tingled and a smile parted over her unrestrained lips. A laugh bubbled up inside of her, uncontrolled it rolled back her head and burst out in an explosion of pure musical joy.

Cold shocks now hit her face, and she looked into the crying clouds in confusion. They trembled with passionate energy, urging her from her wet confines.

Her barefeet skipped across the ground and her arms swirled ever higher to meet the oncoming tears. Her whole body flew and she was not fat not bony, but the earth itself as her toes slid into the dirt.

Then her whole body wanted to be a part of it, and she flung herself to the ground, and rolled as gravity urged, not giving a dam in the world. Then she wanted to meet the sky, and her toes left the earth, her entire being straining for just one thing: to be free.

Something stirred inside of her. A daring for adventure. A rebellious streak. She'd thought this feeling  had faded along with the photographs. Now undusted, she allowed herself to look at those memories again and let in those emotions she'd blocked out for so long.

Somewhere far far away, he was teaching her to love again, starting with herself.

She took a risk. She was ready to let him back in.

The End

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