You never left my heart

Just a simple short story I've gone as school work

     “The hospital again,” I muttered to myself,” Darling, I’m joining you in heaven soon.” I sighed sadly as I was sure that the time for me to leave this world was coming soon. My lungs were failing me lately and I could hardly walk to the toilet without experiencing aches from my back and legs.

    The sound of children playing happily outside caught my attention. I looked out of the window and watched them enjoying themselves at the playground, giggling with laughter. Then, a little girl fell and caught my eyes. She started crying from shock and everyone gathered around to comfort her. She had so reminded me of the days of when I was at her age.

   I was crying because I had dropped an ice cream my teacher had given me for excelling in English onto the earthy dirt. I worked so hard only to lose my reward. Instead, I was rewarded with a new friend. The friendliest guy in my class approached me and comforted me as I cried. It was the first time I had spoken to my best friend. I used to be a meek little girl but he changed me. I learnt to be more outspoken and to think out of the box. I became boisterous and loud. He helped me make new friends and we were happy to have each other’s company. We would support each other in everything. Be it examinations or love and relationships. We had never quarreled even once. We were the perfect pair of friends. However, because of that many kids teased us. They said that we might as well date and kiss. However, we had no intention to as we could not see each other as a lover. My primary school days were filled with joy and thrills because of him and I am thankful.

    There was one more friend that I will never forget. I met her online as I played as a male character in the game. We became fast friends and everything I could not talk about to him, I would tell her. We would comfort each other and play games on hours end. I was happy and had thought that love and clothes were nothing but nonsense. I was very wrong though.

    During my teenage years, I was separated from my best friend. I was able to contact him though online messenger so it was not much of an obstacle. I had to go to an unfamiliar school where I knew nobody. I got intimidated by the girls as they flocked around me like bees. They talked about things that I was very unfamiliar with such as popular boys and boy bands. They also talked about the make-up which I detested. It only looked like muck on their faces. They probably just did not know how to apply them at that time for I learnt that make-up can be used to enhance your beautiful features, not to change your whole face. I soon got along with them and became able to talk to them normally. They would always laugh at my antics and peculiar behavior.

    I first found interest in love when I was 14. It worked for awhile, but I decided that the boy was not matured enough as he frustrated me with his childish acts and so I gave up on him. I was heartbroken for awhile until I met a moron. He was such a cheeky rascal. Each time I started on a game, he would go away and leave me alone to fend for myself. We traded insults and vulgarities with each other. I got frustrated and left the room. He added my contact and I accepted it just so I would not be rude. We began to play together when we were bored and alone. We’d mock and tease each other. Even though he was rude and rather on the perverted side, he was good company. He would listen to my troubles and let me vent my anger on him when the day did not go so well for me. Slowly, we became friendly towards each other and I considered him to be one of my good friends.

    However, he was also looking for a possible love candidate. I was way too young for him so instead, I helped him look for one. Again and again, the girls would just not satisfy him. They would either be too immature or silent. Well, because of that, he looked at me. It was just another day of playing together in an online game when he whispered. “Hey, if you ever break off with your game couple, would you ever consider me? “ My jaw dropped. This man, 3 years older than me is asking me whether I would ever consider him as a lover. He had to be joking. “Excuse me? You’re joking right?” I forced myself to type. “Of course I’m not joking!” Was the immediate reply,” You see, I just cannot get along with any other girl. It has to be you. Every other girl would either annoy me or so reserved that it’s awkward. It has to be you; I’ve definitely fallen for you.” My jaw dropped lower. Seeing that I could get along really well with him, I accepted his request. I broke off with my game couple and started a relationship. It was simple amazing. He turned out to be the sweetest and caring man I could ever ask for. The kisses and hugs we shared were full of sweetness and warmth. He added spice to my life. I looked to my side. An old picture stood on the desk. I took hold of it and gazed at it. It was my lover and I standing side by side as we got married. A tear rolled down from my eyes. “Jian Rong,” I breathe as I hugged the picture and smiled. The time for us to reunite was close.  

The End

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