You, my child, will never understand what it is you have already lost. Even now, in your non-existence and occasional imaginary presence, you lack what many take for granted. Even I myself am guilty of the atrocity. But I don't want you to be.

You won't know her, but she will always have you enclosed in her arms. Because you see, she is an angel, but not just any angel. She is your angel. She will listen to you. She will guide you. But most importantly, she will shape you and love you.

You might see other women in the place you think She should be. But I'm going to give you a clue. If you can see her - in the flesh, holding you, even telling you that she loves you - then that is not Her. I want you, my child, to look to me when you think you can see the angel. For the first while, I will tell you if she is here or not, but eventually you will have to learn to recognize her for yourself. I have faith that you will do so.

You can ask her for anything and she won't fail you. I wish I could tell you the same for many of the living. But if She has taught me anything, it's that Love is rare and sometimes you can't even see it. But you'll always feel it. 

You, my child, are blessed with the most beautiful angel in the skies.

The End

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