Chapter three- EmeryMature

           When Lucas dropped me off this morning, I made mention to remind him not to worry about picking me up. My first shift at Kinky's Pub starts tonight, and its within walking distance from the campus. Walking to my first class, I pick a spot near the front. About five minutes pass class hour, Professor Richards stepped up to the lecturn almost reluctantly. Was he waiting for something, I asked myself? A few minutes later, we had just opened the very extensive syllabus outling our semester's assignments, when the door came open, and then shut. Everyone instantly adverted their attention to the door, and the guy standing in front of it.

"Ah, Logan." The Professor began. His face instantly lightening. "How nice of you to finally join us, I was wondering if they had reassigned you."

              As everyone kept their eyes on this new Logan guy, I had turned back to the Professor, and I watched as his toupee shifted atop his head. Back and forth with the wrinkles of his forehead, tiny yellow flakes of what I assumed to be glue, falling to his shoulders. "Sorry Professor, trust me when I say its been a rough morning. "He hesitate shortly as if thinking about it, and then continued. "It will never happen again."

             Logan met the Professor at the lecturn, and shook his hand. "Well I am sure it wont." Professor Richard smiled. "Class, this is Logan Knight. He will be my TA for this semester so you will be seeing a lot of him." Suddenly the room erupted in short cheers from girls all too eager to see more of him. "He is also one of my brilliant former students, so if you have any questions regarding the material, dont hesitate to ask him. I'm sure he would love to help."

           Sitting back in my chair, I took in a deep breath and then released. Logan reminded me of Kyle, at least, he reminded me of who Kyle was. The two looked nothing alike but, in terms of social status. They were probably a complete match. Popular, talented, and rich. I paused for a moment, and thought about it. Yeah, he looked rich. Expensive clothes, perfectly white teeth, his parents probably owned a mansion, and a yaht. Shifting my eyes, I snapped out of my inner babbling and caught his eyes. They were stark blue, even from this far away. He let his backpack slip off his shoulder then, and took a seat at the Professors desk. Scanning the room with his eyes, he caught mine after a few minutes but, I blinked away immediately.

"So Logan," The professor had turned to face him, the rest of us following suit. "I hear you're a Phi Gamma Delta now, is that correct?"

           Logan laughed dryly, and then pushed a hand through his short brown hair. It came  just above his shoulders, and he reminded me of Chris Hemsworth. It was sexy but, it had an edge I couldnt put my finger on. Something Kyle definately never had. "That's correct." He said, and I swear I heard a few girls gasp. He brought his hand down as if he just noticed his effect on them, and smiled. There is no doubt in my mind;, he knew exactly what he was doing. Guys like him always have to have people admiring them to feel important. They feed off of it.

               Professor Richard flashed an awkward stare then, before turning back to face the class. "Ladies I must say, if you react to our assignments as you have to Logan, you should all be making A's this semester." He paused, bringing his hands behind his back. "But do keep in mind that although we will be learning about sex and the human body's preperation, motivation, stability, process and its ability to care afterwards. For you young ladies, ooing and awhing over my aide, as sexually appealing as he might be, that will not help you."

             At that, I laughed. I couldnt help it. "Ms. Cunningham," the Professor called out. Instantly I shut my mouth. Now all of the eyes were on me.

"Yes?" I asked sitting forward in my seat. I could see he was searching for something so I offered, "Emery, my name is Emery."

          "Ah Emery," He said with a smile. "Let me first compliment you on such a unique and beautiful name." He said, and I blushed when I caught Logan starring. "Second," He continued. "Let me ask you, at the risk of my own pure curiosity. Do you not find Logan sexually appealing as the others so clearly do?"

            The room grew dealthy silent then, everyone waiting to hear my response. Logan himself had shifted in his seat, as if trying to hear better. For a moment I thought about how often Logan must have been used for classroom discussions. If he was so brilliant in this class, I shudder to think what that must mean.

           Taking in a deep breath I relaxed trying not to seem nervous. "No," I kept my answer brief. Logans expression was one of complete shock. Had that been the first time he had heard such a thing, I wondered? That someone may not find him attractive?

"No?" The Professor didnt seem to believe his ears.

           "No, I mean, no he is sexually attractive, yes. Speaking soley on appearances. No, for everything else." I said. Smiled, and then set down my pen, proud of myself for saying what I thought aloud for once. Normally, I keep things to myself.

"And what about everything else?" A voice called out. It was Logan. I guess he had a few questions of his own, I thought briefly."You dont know me so how can you judge me based on anything but, appearance?"

              I could see the muscles in his shoulders flex then, as his stood up and walked to meet the Professor at the lecturn. Cautiously I looked to the Professor for his approval to respond. He nodded his head, so I continued. "I think I've met enough guys like you, to where I can tell."

"Guys like me?" He said, his voice coming out broken. He seemed almost offended by my statement.

              "Let me guess," I said. "Star of you atheltics team?" I waited and he nodded his head. "Prom King?" Another nodd. "And let me guess, you were probably even voted something in the yearbook like: best smile or most popular. Or maybe you're the one who got best hair." He looked at the professor then, almost as if searching for back up.

"What does any of that have to do with it?" Logan said. He was smiling now, his teeth perfectly white and straight from what I could tell. Annoyance quickly consumed me. Why was he smiling?

            "Because Logan, guys like you only want one thing. You may act like Mr. Right until you get it but, once you do you're all the same." I paused. Mostly for dramatic affect but, partially because I need a breath. "You're a player, and you always will be."

             Behind me, a couple of the girls had begun their own conversations. I could hear my name being whispered about but, I ignored them. "Hmm." Logan smiled again, and then came around the lecturn. "So what was his name?" He asked.

"Whose name?" I asked, caught off guard by his statement.

              "The guy who played you, and caused you to see the world through blind eyes?"

"Okay," The Professor inturrupted then. Clapping his hands in an excitable manor, the class quickly joining him. "Thank you Emery, and Logan for starting off this semester with such an eventful discussion." He paused breifly, and I could of sworn I saw him wink at Logan but, it was over too fast to tell. "Now," He continued. "Back to the syllabus." The classroom lulled into a steady moan before he continued.


The End

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