Chapter Two- LoganMature

         Gasping for air, I fell to the floor. Blinking open, I find Jake standing at the edge of my bed, an empty bucket in hand. My clothes, and matress are completely soaked. "Jake!" I bellowed from the floor through gritted teeth. I was uterly pissed, and uncomfortably cold.

"Yeah?" his voice came out as a whisper. He starred down at me with innocent eyes, which told me he knew he was in for it.


         I had chased him halfway out the door before two strong arms wrapped around my own, and held me back. It was Max, my former big brother during pledge week, and now the House President. "Good morning Logan, I see you decided to take your shower in bed today."

        "You know me," I said, and smiled as best I could. He released my arms then and I watched Jake escape down the stairs. Oh this is far from over, I thought to myself. "couldnt wait."

"Well, now that you're out of bed maybe you could finish your shower in the bathroom." He said, and then flashed me a look I knew all too well, before turning around and walking towards the stairs. The look itself, was one which told me he already had an idea of how to get Jake back. That's Max, I laughed to myself. Inside he was still my big brother in the house but, for appearances sake, he had to seem equal to the others. So he'll probably tell me later.

          "I suppose," I finally answered him. By now he was too far to hear it but, my words still trailed off as if he could.

          Back in mine and Jake's room, I rolled my eyes in disbelief when I saw my bed. It was going to take days for my matress to dry out. Grabbing my shower bag from my dresser, I made a mental note to make sure and buy Jake a blow up matress because until it did dry, he was sleeping on the floor. "Hey Logan," Jesse, our house's event manager smiled. "Are you just getting up?"

"Yeah, I'm headed to the showers now, why? What's up?" I asked, shutting the door to our room behind me.

          "I thought you were Professor Richards TA this semester? Doesnt his class start in thirty minutes?"

"Oh shit!" I yelled. "It takes ten just to get there!"

           "That's what I was thinking, you better hurry."Taking off down the stairs, I heard his voice behind me. "Remember, you're a Phi Gamma Delta now. Make us proud brother!"

             Brother, the word caught in my mind. I thought back to when I first made the decision to join the fraternity, my freshmen year. It had been a bit of a blurr up until then with my parents filing, and going to court over their divorce. I had just watched the Greek Wars, and saw how close they all were. Max had won that year for the house, he chugged more water in water pong than anyone I'd ever known. It was then, I made the choice to join. I wanted to be a part of that, I needed it. When my parents moved, I move in the house. Max became my big brother, and well, now its my junior year, and things are good. My brothers mean everything to me.

             I finished my shower shortly after that, and then wrapped my towel around my waist. Shit, I thought to myself. I had forgotten to grab any clothes before I left. Quickly I ran up to my room but, as I opened the door I had barely enough time to think before I heard the noises, and walked in. "Logan, come on man? You're supposed to be in class."

I close my eyes, and kept walking over to the dresser. Nauseousness growing strong as I think about what I had just seen. Jake and his girl, stark naked having se- "Well, I would have been had my alarm gone off this morning." I paused and then rolled my eyes remembering Jake, and his bucket. Where did he even find a bucket in here, the thought was quick but, there. "Instead I've been a little off trying to hurry and get ready. Must have been all that cold water."

            Jake didnt answer. Covering my eyes, I walked in disgust over to the closet.  Once inside, I closed the door, and dropped my towel to change. "Jake, you said he was in class!" I could hear her voice through the door. "You lied to me."

"He's supposed to be, babe." Jake's voice sounded broken and upset.

           "Yeah, just ignore me." I called from the closet. Its not as if you could stop and wait until I leave to finish, I thought. No, that would be too weird.

"I am not happy Jake, you lied to me." She repeated.

           I had just pulled on my shirt, when I heard movement on the other side of the door. Cracking it, I peered out and saw her busy tying her shoes. Damn, that girl can change fast. "Courtney, please." Jake said. Yes Courtney, my old Court.

          I will admit it was weird for me at first finding out the two of them were dating but, after a while I understood it. They were both just alike. Well, mostly. "Dont call me tonight!" she yelled, and headed towards the door then.

In that moment, I walked out of the closet. Stopping at my dresser to grab my wallet, and watch. "Courtney, what about the party?" Jake yelled, still not having moved from the bed.

          I watched from the corner of my eye, as she stopped then, and thought about his question. I knew before she had even said a word. I knew she would change her mind, she always does. Any chance that girl has to get wasted, or at least, to act wasted. Courtney is down for it. Jake and I both know all she is is a big tease, and surprisingly I found myself impressed. "Okay, fine." She said after a couple of minutes passed. "Pick me up at eight."

"But, the party isnt until ten, an-"

           "Dinner Jake, dinner." She inturrupted him. "Is sex really all you think about? Do you own manors?"

            Jake laughed then, and hoped off the bed. I went to cover my eyes but, saw he was wearing shorts. Drawing out his arms, he pulled her into him then.

"No, no you're right, babe. how about Maguires?"

           “I guess it’ll have to do since there isn’t enough time to properly arrange for reservations at a nicer place.”  She said. Jake bent down to kiss her then, but she turned quickly whipping her pony tail in his face and walked away. I couldn’t help but, let out the laugh I was holding. What an idiot.

"What are you laughing at?” Jake slammed the door, and then threw himself on his bed. 

           “Nothing.” I smiled. “Just tell me, was I that stupid whenever I was dating her? I mean she’s hot, but damn dude she had you eating out of her hands.”              

          He sat up throwing his pillow trying to hit me, but I quickly dodged it. “Shut up Logan.”  

“Oh, good come back.” I laughed slightly. “Whatever dude, all I’m going to say is good luck. It didn’t work out for me, but maybe things will be different for you. Well, we are talking about Courtney here, so maybe not.” He threw another pillow only to miss and hit the alarm clock. When I picked it up, I caught the time and raced to grab my backpack. Shit, I was already fifteen minutes late to my first class; not a good way to start out as a TA.  

The End

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