Chapter One- EmeryMature

           "I have a tall Peppermint Mocha for the lovely Emery," The tall boy with jet black hair, bellowed from behind the barista counter. His name was Marvin, and for what its worth, the store was completely empty other than the two of us.

"That's me," I said after a few seconds of watching him go back and forth between eyeing me and the cup. "Thanks."

             "Hey, Emery." Marvin yelled, just as I was about to turn around and walk back to my table, and the book I was currently reading.


            "So tomorrow night is that party I was telling you about last week." He paused then, giving me time to remember. I smiled, and went along with it. Truth was, I already knew what party he was referring to. "The one with that DJ I was telling you about?"

"Oh, right!" I smiled again, and then took a sip of my coffee.

            "So are you down to come?"

"Oh, I cant." I said matter of factly. "Lucas's brother is hosting some sort of meeting with his fraternity, and we have to go."

              "Oh, darn. Alright well, maybe next time?" He asked.

"Yeah, of course." I answered. Though whether it was the truth or not, we would have to see.

                   Truth is, I'm sort of like a regular here some might say. For the past few months, I've made it a habit to come almost every night I don't work, and use this time for myself. Sometimes I write, sometimes I read but, no matter what I do the one thing that never changes is Marvin. Ever since my first night, he's worked everyday since. At least, that's what it seems because no matter what day I come, he is always here.

                   An hour passes and I quickly grow tired of my book; its story one I've read a thousand times over. Boy and girl meet, they fall in love, and then something happens that challenges them but, no matter what they always seem to make it through. I roll my eyes in annoyance. If I wasn't so highly critical of my own work, I could have had four similar stories published by now. I check my watch remembering Lucas would be here around nine to pick me up. Just then, headlights flood the windows, he was here. "See you Marvin, thanks again!" I called out behind me as I headed to the front door. Before I made it though, he had intercepted me at the counter I hadn't seen him standing at.

"Emery, look, I've known you for months now, and-"

               "Marvin, I'm going to be late," I tried to say but, he didn't want to hear it. The whole time, I kept my eyes on the door, watching for Lucas. "and you don't know me?"

"Okay, so I've made your coffee, and held a few brief conversations with you." He smiled, and touched my arm. "Obviously, I'm not a stranger. I just want to get to know you outside of, well, here."

                Taking another step, Marvin reached out and took my arm. My eyes immediately shifting to his hand. He smiled down at me again but, I couldn't let myself give in to it. "Marvin, I really have to go." I repeated after a while. Instantly, he released my arm, and I left.

                 When I got to the car, Lucas and our other friend Scott we there. When I was close enough, Lucas got out and opened my door to the passengers seat. "What's with the espresso man?" Scott asked, pulling himself through the middle seat to give me a hug.

"He invited me to another party." I said reluctantly.

                  "Damn, when will that kid take no for an answer?"

"When will who take no for an answer?" Lucas asked as he got back in the car.

                "Oh nothing." I smiled, and then leaned over and kissed him.The kiss itself lasting no more than a second.             

"What was that for, babe?" Lucas smiled, and started the car again.

               "Nothing, I'm just excited for tomorrow!" I lied. Truth was, I didn't want him asking anymore questions. If he knew about Marvin, and him asking me out all the time, he probably wouldn't let me go anymore. At least not alone anyways.

"Uh, huh." I could hear Scott behind me. "Me too."

                The car ride was quick back to my new dorm housing. The Campus wasn't too far from the coffee shop surprisingly. When we arrived, I gave Scott a hug bye, and told him to keep his mouth shut as Lucas walked to open my door. Grabbing my things, he walked me to the door, and kissed me good night. "I'll see you tomorrow?" he asked. His words sounding more like a statement than a question.

"Sure." I said, smiled, and then turned to open the door. Lucas leaned in and kissed my head once more before turning to walk away.

                "I love you Emery Seelye!" He yelled halfway down the sidewalk.

I smiled, and opened the door. "Love you too." I said, and then went inside.

              Once upstairs, my room was dark with the absentness of a roommate, and any lights. Opening the curtains, I looked up at the sky, and then collapsed atop my bed. The fabric familiar yet so estrange from how it feels inside my own room back home. Lucas's words played at my mind. I love you, I could hear him say. I love you. Closing my eyes, I sighed. I love Lucas too, I thought to myself. I'm just not sure if it is the same type of love that he feels for me. Ever since that night, with Kyle, Lucas and I have been, well, Lucas and I. At first everything was going great but, then he kissed me. The kiss its self was alright, completely regular but, it wasn't what I had expected. When its the right person, you know. There are fireworks, and sparks. With Lucas it was nice but, there was a sense of void within it. "Why does everything have to be so difficult," I ask aloud to myself.

 Then, I fall fast asleep, and dream about my first day of college. And about a kiss, one where there were fireworks, and sparks.

The End

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