Tonight was quickly turning into the worst night of my life. "I cant believe she did this to me, again!" I said, hearing the rage in my own voice. "That bit-"

"Logan don't say something you might regret. We don't even know if Josh is telling the truth.!" Jake, my best friend, called out behind me. "You know how he is. I'm just looking out for you; let's find out the truth before you get upset and act irrational."

           I screeched my white F150 truck to a stop just outside her house, and got out. She must have heard me because I hadn't even made it halfway to the door before she was already outside, and racing towards me.

"Logan, I am so sorry." She cried out, mascara lining her face from tears.

            My only thought in this moment, was of one that told me she was guilty. This wouldn't be the first time Courtney had cheated on me but, this time would be her last. Standing outside, I tried to cool off and catch my breath. Jake, being the good best friend that he was, had already gone inside to look for Josh. If anyone could find out the truth when it came to him, it was Jake. Normally, I would ask Courtney outright but, we all know how that plays out. First, she starts to cry even harder than before. Second, she denies it. In fact from there, she goes into a long repeating session of lying, lying and denying. Until, finally, she admits it. But tonight I had neither the patience or time for that. I needed the truth, and I needed it fast.

               “I was drunk and we started talking, and-” 

“Save it Courtney! I can’t believe I wasted two years on you; I should have listened to my friends.” I say. My mind kicking itself for playing out different scenes in my head. Ones where she and this kid are rolling around in bed, kissing, and such. 

              By now she is sobbing hysterically, and where as normally I would have done anything for her to stop. Tonight, I have to stay strong. You can only give someone so many chances before enough becomes enough. Jake reappears at the door. His face stricken with an expression I cant read. Its then I knew the truth. My heart breaks, and my stomach knots as I turn to Courtney. She had been my first real girlfriend. We've been dating since my junior year in high school. Now a sophmore in college, things have changed, we've changed. I was the one who thought we would last through the distance but, I was wrong.

"It's over, Court." I say after a few minutes. "I don't want to hear your excuses, I cant take them."

            "Logan, please!"

              I listened to her voice as I Jake and I walked back to the truck. It was like the ending to a sad song. Once inside, Jake still hadn't said a word. "What's up?" I asked after waiting a bit. "Did something happen inside?"

"Its Max," His response was short. "The guy that slept with Courtney, his little brother got into a fight with him just before."

              My face instantly paled. Max is currently my big brother, all Courtney related problems aside, during pledge week. My entire time knowing him, I've learned his family is the most important thing to him. His brother especially. I've seen him get into a full on fist fight just because someone said his brothers girlfriend was smoking hot. This girl though, wasn't just any girl. She's known their family since they were little,. At least, that's the story Max told all of us last week. The kid had been joking, in earnest but, that's just how serious Max is. It's something I've come to respect during my time knowing him, and even with everything going on with Courtney, I have to tell him.

"What are you doing?" Jake asks when he sees my phone.

          "I'm calling Max, he would want to know." I said, and flipped open my phone. The line rang twice before he answered. "Hey Max," pause. "No everything is okay. Turns out she had cheated but, I'll be alright." another pause. "Hey, look, Max. I have some bad news. Are you sitting down?"



The End

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