Then-Emery (Part Two)Mature

   Later that night, I met Kyle somewhere between my house and the party. He would of picked me up but, he needed to pick up a friend. When we arrived half an hour later, Kaleigh hopped out of the car first, since she rode shot gun, and disappeared off into the party. "Thanks for taking back, babe." Kyle yelled as he came around to help me out of his car. His navy blue Mustang, not entirely the easiest to maneuver around in. "Kaleigh gets car sick in the back."

            Flashing him a look of disdain, I reach for his hand and step out. My heel catching on the seat belt causing me to trip while doing so. "Ouch!" I said, grabbing for the door so as not to fall. Kyle laughed watching me, and then bent down to help. "Very funny Kyle, tell me, when did giving your friends a ride come before your girlfriend?"

"Ooo, jealous are we?" Kyle said.

           "More like, seeing things in a whole new perspective." I retorted almost instantly.

          At that, Kyle released my foot from the seat belt, and stood up. Rolling out my ankle before setting it down, I started walking towards the door before giving him a chance to think. For me, tonight was a big deal. Essentially I'm giving him a huge part of me no one else will have, and I'll never forgive myself if I let him spoil it. Popularity included, or not.

"I have a surprise for you," His words along with his breath, tickled the back of my neck as he slide an arm around my waist. By now we had made it inside, this house almost as grand as the first time Justice threw a party. This one, much like the last, will forever carry memories of Kyle and I. After all this is where we met, and after tonight, it will be the place we- "Its upstairs." He continued. His arm pulling me closer to him as we made our way through the sea of people. Most of them too far gone to even realize we were there.

            "What is it?" I ask, in earnest.

"Our future." He says. His words trailing off as if for dramatic affect.

            When he's not looking I roll my eyes at how rehearsed and overused that line had been. Our future, I thought to myself. Please. In that moment we had come upon the staircase, when it hit me. I wasn't ready for this; Kyle wasn't the one. Looking around, almost immediately I caught Lucas's gaze. He waved slightly, and then raised his glass as if to toast to my getting what I wanted all along. "I cant do this!" I finally said. My words coming out more pronounced than expected. As I looked to Kyle, I noticed we had gained an audience.

            At first he just laughed, and then when he realized I was being serious, he grabbed my arm. "You're kidding me right?" He said. His hand tightening when I hadn't said anything. My mind not fully understanding this sudden change myself.

"Hey, let her go!" Lucas's voice yelled from somewhere behind me, and before I knew it he was there. Shoving Kyle against the wall, and causing an even bigger scene.

               "Let me go Fischer, I mean it." Kyle said. Three other guys had shown up then, all puffed up and ready to fight. Lucas just looked at me, either oblivious or unmoved by their appearance.

"Let's go." I said, reaching for his hand. "I just want to leave."

             Pushing off Kyle, he took my hand. His fingers entwining with mine, the notion as familiar as it had always been. "Don't touch her again." His voice was serious and unruly.

"Is that a threat?" Kyle called after us then, as we walked out the door. Him and the other three guys following suit. "Why don't you be a man and come say it to my face, Fischer?"

          We made it to the car then, and Lucas opened my door. Once inside it, he turned around and strode back into the house. Kyle's expression as he brushed past him, one of complete shock. When Lucas reappeared, he was carrying a severely drunken Julia in his arms. "Hey, I'm talking to you!" Kyle said, and ran up behind Lucas and pushed him.

"I think I'm going to throw up." Julia cried out as she rolled over along the part of grass she landed on, and began throwing up.

           "What the hell man, I could of hurt her?" Lucas yelled, and quickly stood to face him.

            It was Kyle he threw the first punch, which missed Lucas's jaw and grazed the side of his cheek but, it was Lucas who ended it. Someone had thought enough of the fight to call the police but, by the time they showed up we were long gone. He dropped Julia off first, five minutes on the road and she had passed out. She reeked of bud and vomit, and I didn't blame Lucas for turning down a goodnight kiss. We pulled into the gas station where I had parked my car not too long after that. Killing the engine we sat there in silence for a few minutes, listening to the engine cool off. Minutes passed and then he turned to me, and smiled. His tawny eyes drawing me in for the second time tonight. It was then it hit me, the reason why I couldn't go through with it with Kyle, and he was starring me right in the face. Or so I thought.

The End

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