Then-Emery (Part One)Mature

Being a student in college always has its ups and downs; for these two complete opposites, neither of them had gone off thinking this year they would fall in love. But as the first day rolls around, the two quickly find fate forcing them together. But with the two already in steady relationships, they find themselves torn between their past and their present. Between the one they've loved, and the one that threatens it all.

               "I'm not so sure this is such a good idea," I bite my lip and say. My best friend, Lucas, ignoring the fact I had even said anything at all as he continues to dab even more raspberry flavored lip gloss against my lips. "Shouldn't I, I don't know, wait?" I ask, pausing only long enough to catch him rolling his eyes, before adding. "At least until were a little older? I don't even know how I feel about Kyle yet."

           "Emery, the guy is a total jerk!" Lucas said, and then took a step back as if to assess his work. "I told you what he did to that freshman, last week remember? But as your best friend, I cant just tell you what to do, you have to figure it out and choose for yourself."

"But am I even ready for this?" I ask again, dying inside to know what he really thought. If Lucas was anything he was honest. We have been best friends since his dad and my mom met in the Town Council Board sometime when we were five. Now thirteen years later, he decides to change his ways? Something just doesn't seem right.

               "Truthfully?" He asks. His eyes and mine locking for a split second before he pulls me into a hug. His shaggy blonde hair itching my cheek but, I was used to the feeling of it. I nod my head then, though he cant see and I wait for his response. "No," he finally says. "You're not."

               Pulling apart slightly, I pulled a white fuzz from his shirt, and shifted the pair of boxed frame glasses which always seemed to fall. "You're right, I have to go!"

"What? I didn't say-"

              "No, you're right!" I interrupted him. Took a deep breath and turned back around to face the mirror. I had to do this, I thought. If not, Kyle will dump me and I'll loose everything I've worked all year to accomplish.

              Be popular, I thought back to myself. Make yourself known! My goals from earlier this school year buzzed in my head, and gave me the extra push I needed to push on. "This is going to end badly." Lucas said, and then pushed a hand through his hair. "How do you know he wont do to you, what he has done to all the other girls before you?"

"We're different." I said, and reached for my purse. Pulling on my jacket as I did.

             Lucas laughed then. "Yeah, I'm sure they all thought that as well."

             Turning around, I flashed him a look. Lucas was right, I knew that. Kyle wasn't a good guy, heck, he wasn't even close. What he did to that freshman was probably the worst thing imaginable, the guy will be scarred for life but, I needed him. Who will I be when I leave for college if I'm still the girl whose never kissed a boy or even had a boyfriend for that matter? I'm not like Lucas. I'm not witty, I don't have a cool older brother to look out for me. Where as he will go on and blend in no problem, I? I will be lucky if my teachers even notice me. I'm not gorgeous like Courtney Mauler, I don't have huge boobs and a humongous buttock. All I have is my books, my writing, and Lucas. Which in regards to him, if things keep going as they have been, with Julia, I may not even have him for all that much longer.

"Look," Lucas smiled, and pressed his hand to my chin. His soft tawny colored eyes drawing me into him. "I care too much for you to not have at least said something. If you want my opinion I don't want you to go through with this but, if you're set on it, well." He paused then, and turned to look away. I could see him struggling within himself.

              I went to pull him back to me then but, he had already stood and walked to the door. His fingers gripping the handle as if turning that knob meant life or death in itself. "Lucas, I-"

"Emery its eight." He said, his voice soft and sullen. It broke my heart. "Julia will be upset, if I'm late. Just promise me you'll think about it some more before you decide. I, I would hate myself if anything ever happened to you." I watched him hesitate a second longer before turning the knob and leaving.

            "I promise," I whispered to myself. Outside the sound of his tires pulling out of my families drive way, almost too soft to hear. I promise, I said again. Only this time I kept the words to myself.


The End

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