Some Simple Basics.

My name is Colette.
You don't have to remember it, but it will come in handy.
I will be using it throughout this journey.

Protagonize is my way to kick my Facebook addiction.

I'm en route to becoming the greatest cheerleader Canada has ever seen.
You are probably thinking one, or all, of these three things:

One: What does "en route" mean? Well my dear friends, I believe it's the exact same in English - "on route". As in, "I'm on my way to becoming the best cheerleader in Canada". "En route" may be synonymous with "pretty much". Let me clarify - "I'm pretty much the best cheerleader in Canada".

Two: You must be exaggerating. You can't possibly be the best. Simply put - yes, yes I am.

Or three: Cheerleaders suck. Well, that's your opinion and you're entitled to it, but let me just tell you one thing - women who cheer are hot. And boys who cheer are smart. Because boys who cheer get all the hot women.

I am super observant. I notice everything.
And by everything, I mean everything weird.
This may explain many of the things I discover about myself.

I need a boyfriend.
Or a hobby.
Like scrapbooking maybe?

remember: what we do does not define who we are.
- colette.

The End

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