You Know You're Mad if ...

... you frequently post comments on Spook's profile - in a different language.

... you have arguments with yourself

... you talk to yourself when in a place full of people

... you dance on the bus to whatever you are listening to on your headphones

... skipping down the road is normal to you

... you'd like to sharpen your teeth some time, just for fun

... you deliberately wear old clothes on own-clothes days, just so people have something to talk about

... you collect model dragons

... you frequently throw pillows around when you are having a bad dream (this happened to me this morning, and I woke up with my pillow somewhere on the floor on the other side of my room)

... you turn around in your sleeping bag during the night and wake up wondering why it was all dark (contributed by Elorithryn - a true story, apparently)

... any mad people want to take up the challenge? post your reasons here :)

The End

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