You Know You're an Irish Dancer if ...

... your jeans stick to weird places on your legs from left over sock glue

... the idea of sock glue does not make you laugh

... you have used feis medals as christmas decorations

... the words 'poodle socks' don't make you laugh

... you think a skirt and long white socks actually go

... you haven't walked anywhere in several years. you dance everywhere.

... dancing in corridors does not seem bizarre

... you regularly have criss-cross patterns on your feet from your laces

... you don't own a single pair of high heels but have those jelly-pad things in your cupboard (the ones that stop your feet hurting :) )

... you feel sorry for people at school who complain about their feet hurting, until you find out it's only a blister ... !!!

... (there are so, so many more .... :) )

The End

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