You Know You Are Twilight/Edward Cullen/Jacob Black Obsessed When...

1) You're counting down the days until the next Twilight movie

2) Because of Edward/Jacob, your expectations of boys are so high, that no one simply appeals to you any more.

3) You love Edward/Jacob more than your boyfriend.

4) Your wedding ring HAS to be the same as the one Edward gave Bella.

5) When your boyfriend dumps you, you are okay with it, because now you can focus on Edward/Jacob.

6) Whenever there's a thunderstorm, you think about vampires playing baseball.

7) Wolves don't scare you anymore, cos after all, they're only Quilette boys =]

8) When your father asks what you are doing when you go upstairs to read, you answer, 'I'm going to spend time with Jacob/Edward.'

9) You try to control your thoughts because Edward might hear them.

10) Someone asks you what you want for Xmas and you reply 'Edward Cullen and/or Jacob Black!'

11) You're on a walk and notice that your hands have turned white with the cold and you are over the moon. When they turn back to their normal colour, you feel like crying.

12) You're in a traffic jam and you start to look out for an old red truck or a Volvo or a bashed up motorcycle.

13) Every night you wonder what Edward is doing and then you get sad because you know he is with Bella. But Jacob is free so you cheer up a little.

14) You have catogorized your friends into Twilight characters, except for Edward/Jacob cos nobody can replace him.

15) You've made several of your friends Twilight fans.

16) Your mum has told you the book is fiction. But you still think it's real and want to go to Forks to prove her wrong.

17) Your friends have to read Twilight just to know what you are talking about half the time.

18) Every conversation you have is about Twilight.

19) When you see someone with a surname Cullen/Swan/Black and you have to ask whether they are related to the characters in the book.

20) When everything you own has quotes from Twilight scribbled all over it.

21)Your guy friend hasn't read the saga, but has heard you talking about Edward/Jacob so much, he despises them with a loathing passion that he brings up almost as much as you talk about the saga.

22) You break up with your boyfriend because he doesn't glitter in the sun like Edward or morph into a wolf like Jacob.

23) You get so excited when you see someone else reading it, you have to talk to them, even if they are a complete and utter stranger.

24) You get so mad at Edward for not changing Bella into a vampire already, that you throw the book across the room. Then you pick it up again to finish the preface.


Some of them are a little OCD and I would see a doctor if you apply to all of these, but other than that, I found these rather funny.

The End

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