You know you are insanely bored (or just Insane...) when...

1. You stare at the random for extended period times, often until your eyes hurt.

2.  Your mind wanders so freely that you start giggling/laughing/glaring/smiling without realizing it.

3. You pick up a pencil and pretend to throw it at people.

4. You sharpen a pencil until it can be considered a weapon.

5. You throw that sharpened pencil at people, usually missing.

6. You walk around singing or talking without realizing it.

7. Your imaginary friends suddenly appear out of nowhere, and you were sure that you'd gotten rid of them for good...

8.  Your imaginary friends won't go away.

9.  You eat something insanely spicy just to be doing something.

10.  You begin to write things like "bored... Bored... BOred... BORed... BOREd... BORED!!!" on every surface you can find.

11.  You start yelling at your dog for no reason.

12. You're reading this.

13. You're writing this.

The End

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