You Know You Have Writer's Block When...

You Know You Have Writer’s Block When:


1) You hate every chapter you write – because it was almost physically painful to get down.

2) Your characters are currently swearing at you in your head, because they’re bored, and there’s nothing you can do about it.

3) You tear up your plot notes for the story – because you can’t get the next chapter to sound right. Then you end up furious because you haven’t got another copy of it, and that was the only way you were going to finish it...

4) Your friends ask you where all of your scribblings have gone. You return with “I DON’T EVEN KNOW!”

5) You stare into space for ten minutes or more, pen in hand, hovering above the paper

6) You’re procrastinating by reading this. Yes, you. Right there. You know I can see you. Stop it.

7) Looking at your laptop / notebook / pen and paper gives you a headache. Even before the screen is switched on.

8) English /Creative writing is fast becoming your least favourite subject.

9) Your vocabulary has shrunk to one of the following phrases: “NO. THAT’s WRONG.” Coupled with a spit-take of your preferred beverage, “BLIMMIN’ HECK!” Followed by EPIC deletion, or “I JUST CAN’T!” followed by the smashing of your preferred method of script.

10) You’ve tried Everything. Honestly. Nothing is in HERE!




So count me in for at least all TEN of those at any one time.

I’m going to go and burn all my notebooks now, see if number 3 actually works...

On a serious note, if you do have the dreaded WB, ... do you have ANY idea how to stop it? I'm currently in a serious drought....

The End

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