You know you're a Wicked/Elphaba fan when...

1) You have a broomstick in your room and everytime you see it you get the urge to jump on it and fly to your friend's house or the shop or where-ever

2) You listen to the soundtrack at every opportunity (when you're not listening to something else) and belt out being Elphaba, whatever line it is.

3) You listen to the soundtrack during school/class (having saved it on the computer and transferred it to your Flash Drive/Memory Stick.

4) You know the script of the musical off by heart.

5) Everytime you see someone who's being a "brat", you wonder if they've been raised in a barn.

6) You think your best friend is G(a)linda.

7) You hate zoos because the Animals are in enclosures and can't talk.

8) Everytime you get depressed, you wish you could Defy Gravity.

9) You promise that if you ever (for girls) get a boyfriend, to save their life from whatever danger they'd be in, you'd sing "Eleka Nahmen Nahmen Atum Atum Eleka Nahmen" and hope for the best.

10) You have your school book covers on your Gimmerie (sp?) so that you can learn new spells while fooling others that you are doing your homework.

11) Your favourite teachers end up being one Animal or other.

12) You release the Animals from their cages and tanks during your lesson in that class.

13) In your spare time you wander around your house with your broomstick, hat and cloak, looking for a path that'll lead you to the Emerald City.




Heheh, most of these are me. ^_^

Now please excuse me while I join Elphaba in the Emerald City. XP

The End

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