You know you are a Doctor Who Fan when...

1) You proudly proclaim that you are not a Doctor Who fan- but the correct term...A whovian.

2) You run around the PE field and look over at the corners of it longing for a blue box to appear and take you away.

3) You spend about 2 years writing endless Doctor Who Fiction.

4) You collect over 30 Classic Doctor Who DVDs and do some sort of Whovian Dance whenever you get one for birthday or Christmas.

5) You cry because your mum has relented and has bought you tickets to go and see Tom Baker at a convention at last.

6) You celebrate the 23rd of November because that's the day that Doctor Who started in 1963.

7) You speak endless Doctor lingo such as "Reverse the polarity" and "Twist the helmic regulator".

8) You dress up as the 4th Doctor on the school's fancy Dress Day and hold your head up high.

9) You curse at Rose because the Doctor isn't meant to fall in love.

10) Star Trek fans become your sworn enemies.

11) Your friends run away everytime someone says that David Tennant is the better than any Doctor ever. Even though they've never actually seen Tom Baker so there.

12) You write a list of 12 everytime because you know that's how many regenerations the Doctor has.

13) YOU WRITE 12!

The End

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