You know you are a Literature Student when...

You know you are a Literature Student when...

1. You have spent at least six to eight hours of your day - you guessed it - reading.

2. You are asked 'What do you study?' and when you tell them, the general reply is a mumbled 'Doss' or 'Not a real subject...'

3. You start boring all your friends/housemates/family with things you've learnt and found fascinating, whilst they are yawning or properly asleep.

4. A 3,000 word essay is no longer a scary concept.

5. You're zany medievalist lecturer tells you it's 'essential' to learn Old and Middle English. (Edit - although it is rather useful when tackling the beast that is Chaucer.)

6. You start getting cocky about your ability to read Old or Middle English and DARE you're friends to try and decipher it.

7. You sometimes question your ability to read.

8. Your fingers and hands get cramped from writing/typing/turning pages most of the day.

9. Sciencey-maths subjects make you feel icky. (This is more a personal horror.)

10. People think your academically smug and pretentious, when really, you just fell in love with books and want to learn more about them.

The End

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