You know you're addicted to Facebook when...

1.       You spend near enough all your free time online, checking out everybody else’s gossip, news, relationship status’ and photo albums.

2.       You feel the need to browse through friends’ party pictures that they uploaded 3 seconds ago… you weren’t even invited to said party but feel it’s your ‘duty’ to see what fun they had whilst you weren’t there.

3.       You become a member of nearly every single group that your friends invite you to, even if you don’t believe in it, but do so, so that the guy/girl you like thinks you’re cool or sophisticated.

4.       You update your status every 5 minutes, informing all of your friends and contacts that you’re getting ready, at school, meeting your friends, and everything else that’s just sooo interestingly boring and average about your life.

5.       You can’t stand having the same profile picture for longer than a week so take thousands of pictures of yourself purely to replace your ‘old’ Facebook picture, which will then be replaced again the following week, and so on.

6.       You add everyone that comes up in your Suggested Friends list, just so you look popular and have lots of friends… even though you don’t actually know half of them.

7.       You stay up in the wee hours of the morning playing the addictive games that Facebook have trying to break your high score – or just trying to beat the guy/girl you like’s score to impress them.

8.       You log onto Facebook religiously and go on it every single day for no less than twelve hours – un-including toilet and food breaks.

9.       You fight battles on which is better: Facebook or MySpace. Facebook always wins.

10.   You comment on and ‘like’ everyone’s status’ to appear interested in their lives, because Facebook is a way to meet new people and grow friendships you might not have been able to grow face to face.

This is absolute poo! But oh well, I tried.. and that's all that matters, right? Yes :)

The End

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