You know your best friend is addicted to Twilight when....

-Every shirt she owns either has a twilight logo, picture, or a piece of tape with "I heart Edward" on it

-She hates anyone named Jacob, Bella, Edward, etc. (depending on what character they like

-She comes to school with an Alice like haircut one day

-She starts signing her homework "Edwards Future wife'

-She has a card board cut out of edward covered in lip stick kisses

-She reads the Twilight Series non-stop

-She can recite the Twilight Series by heart

-She battles anyone on an apposing "team" (team jacob, Team edward)

- she Tries to date anyone named Edward

- she Burns anything Twilight hating in her spare time

- she Has fang veneers

- she covers herself in glitter, just so she can sparkle

- her best insult is calling you a werewolf

- she likes baseball, just because the Cullens do

The End

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