You Know You're Made of Lego When...

- Your number one cause of injury is trees.

- You get decapitated by Darth Vader's lightsaber on a daily basis.

- You've owned a farm consisting of a shark and an octopus.

- You've had a pet parrot named Frankie the Brute.

- Your house has turned into a yacht when you get back from work.

- You've battled pirates on a spacecraft.

- Your pet parrot went missing one day.

- Your hairstyle changes every time you wake up.

- You cannot get to the floor above because your house has no stairs.

- You find that Seamus across the road has a parrot remarkably similar to Frankie the Brute.

- You have more steering wheels in your house than in your car.

- Vacuum cleaners are your worst enemy.

- You've had seventeen heads at one point because someone thought it was funny to stack everybody's head on top of yours.

The End

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