You know you have ink in your veins when..

  1. You know you have ink in your veins when..
  2. You look at the inside of your arm and the veins show through blue.
  3. You use anything that will make a mark to write on anything that will take a mark. eg. lipstick on a mirror.
  4. You write things in lipstick on the mirror of a public wash room, "help!  I'm trapped  inside!"  This is not considered funny, by the way.
  5. You actually try to dial your favourite story character on your cell phone when you realize that he / she isn't real.
  6. You rewrite your favourite books in pencil in the margins and between lines because your character can say it better!
  7. Your request for birthdays, etc. are flash drives to hold all your stories.
  8. You put all your holiday pictures on your computer and write fanciful little stories about them. Eg: This is me on the beach at twilight waiting for Poseidon to come and carry me away in his strong incredibly muscled arms.. 
  9. You start dressing like some of your favourite science fiction characters.
  10. You don't think writing stories on a chalk board in the bath tub is odd.
  11. When your computer died you wrote your stories in lipstick on the monitor.
  12. You spend your entire drive to and from work adding to your most current story out loud. (I actually do this)
  13. You've got printed bits and pieces of several of your stories floating around all over the house.
  14. You spend a good part of your weekly gabfest with your sister talking about your stories.
The End

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