You know you like the guy you've been trying so hard to hate when...

1) You call him names and look at him like he's dirt, whilst still keeping in mind how beautiful you look.

2) You start to argue with him just because you want him to think you are not a push-over and that you are intelligent, determined and a hell of a lot different than any other girl he chats up.

3) You call your best guy-friend by his name. Actually, not only him, but your girlfriends, your siblings, your parents, your grandma, your boyfriend...

4) A mysterious character makes an appearance in your latest story (presuming, of course, you are a writer). His descriptions sound familiar ... but he certainly doesn't have that girlfriend, or any of those other things you 'hate' about him. Then, you decide thats an extremely dull version and kill him off.

5) You listen to a new band, watch a film or read a book and automatically wonder whether he'd like it - and then decide that if he does you'd burn it. Or treasure it forever.

6) Your heart beats furiously when you see him looking at you. You pull your skirt down and your blouse up so that he thinks you are classy and sophisticated (see no. 2) but then pray to God that you still look sexy.

7) You suddenly hate all the girls he talks to that are prettier than you.

8) Anybody who isn't arrogant and sexist (for example) like him is just boring.

9) You ignore his texts but later save them into a special folder so you don't accidentally delete them, ever.

10) You slip his name into any conversation and vehemently insist upon what a prat he is.


And then, of course, all of that works and you realize he is madly in love with you and is prepared to change all the things about him that annoy you. Suddenly you aren't interested.


He is such a prat.

The End

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