You know you're a Protag 'obsesser' when....

**Okay, let's be honest, we all love this site, and call it "home," but seriously, some of us take it a notch more. This is for all of you. ;)**


1.) You never really sign out. Protag signs out for you while you're commenting/writing something. Then, you must take time to sign yourself back in.

2.) Constant ideas are rushing at you and the first thing you think of is Protag. (Naturally.)

3.) You have all your email alerts sent to your phone because you wouldn't want to miss a notification. ;)

4.) Your homepage is Protagonize.

5.) You're constantly scavaging the site for new collaborative stories to say your bit. It doesn't take long to find an amazing one.

6.) You spend over half your waking hours here.

7.) Then, you actually lose sleep because of it.

8.) You comment people who are online at 2am your time because you thought you're the only one who sacrifices sleep, when in reality, it's already noon for them.  (Time differences. :p)

9.) You put off other things (like work, cleaning, etc) to come on here.

10.) You think about Protag the entire day, wondering if someone posted a comment on your profile, new thread in your story, or new comment in your thread that it actually gives you a headache. So, you start staying on 24-7 to avoid them.


The End

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