You know you're a poet when...

1. You try to rhyme your geography lesson.


       The rain falls as stem flow,

       Down the tree trunk.

       Also through the leaves

       As through fall

       And into the puddles with a plunk.

(Really happened. This Monday :D)

2. When you dream in verse.

3. When you post your poems on Facebook, and your friends get tired reading them, but tell you you're talented anyway.

4. When your poems never stay the same for a whole week... 'cause you're never satisfied with them.

5. When the memory on your laptop is almost full with poems... and you even resort to deleting MUSIC and PICTURES to make space.

6. When your friends stop saying, "You're a poet and you didn't even know it!" when something you say rhymes.

7. When prose sounds like poetry when you read it out loud... because you're used to reading that way.

8. When literature us your favorite subject because you like to laugh at the childish and strange sounding writings of the greats.

9. When you receive notes in your exercise books from your teachers: Use the notebooks for what they are meant for.

10. And last but not least...

When people label you as 'Nerd'... because you rather write poetry than listen to your iPOD or go on the net or something else 'cool'.(As if poetry isn't cool enough)


The End

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