You know you're a Chocoholic when...

 1) You don't want, desire, or would prefer... You f***ing NEED chocolate on an hourly/bi hourly/ daily basis.

2) Your hands shake when opening the wrapper... moreso if you haven't had your fix in a while.

3) You mourn every crumb dropped and hence keep the tin wrapper under your bar at all times to ensure you don't miss the tiniest of bits... or devise new methods of eating chocolate that may look ludicrous but sure as hell make sure that you maximize intake!

4) You smell your bar and sigh contently before even biting into it.

5) You can identify chocolate by smell... and in more extreme instances, can even tell that your brother ate a whole damn Cadbury without you just by his breath... when he's sitting across from you and has just opened his mouth to say hi. (wasn't me... I swear!)

6) When the first thing you ask for when someone tries to bribe you is chocolate...

7) When you mourn every crumb... wait, didn't I say that already? Its just so tragic! *curses the five second rule!*

8) When you could be broke... and somehow still manage to buy your daily fix.

9) When drinking Hershey's syrup is as normal as monsoon rain.

10) When drinking Hershey's syrup constitutes your daily fix and sometimes as an after snack dessert.

11) When the thought of Vanilla ice cream without chocolate syrup is simply blasphemous and should be punishable by law.

12) When you have often joked about snorting or injecting yourself with chocolate but knew it'd never work because you wouldn't be able to taste it! ... but if you could... >.>

13) When you've actually snorted chocolate (by mistake of course) when going to smell a can of powdered cocoa.

14) When you ate a whole spoonful of cocoa thinking it'd taste just as great as it smells.

15) When you've survived 2 whole days on nothing but chocolate and water... oh and half a glass of juice! (I blame college life and low funds!)

I think that's more than enough for now... *scurries off to find himself more... any guesses on what?*

The End

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