You Know You're a Gun Nut When...

You know you're a gun nut when:


1. You call the television an idiot for mistaking the caliber of a rifle by a tenth of a millimeter, any mistake more than that causes you to fly into a Basil Fawlty style rage. It's actually a little funny watch, really.

2. People you don't know follow you around a war museum and ask you questions about the small arms as if you are a guide.

3. On a walk on a gravel road you instinctively reach for your shotgun when a coyote is in the bushes next to you, only to grasp a 35mm camera. A lot of good that is >:{

4. You can talk about tiny details about nonsense like caliber, size, steel v.s polymer, or "the art of design" for hours on end (unless someone says "SHUT UP ALREADY!").

5. You end up like a kid in a candy store when you go to a gun shop/show and ask LOTS of questions.

6. Your friends know that you're talking about guns when you start ranting random numbers and letters (they know it's not algebra, you're terrible at math), so they just tune you out.

7. During one of the above mentioned rants your father, a military man by profession, looks amazed and says "Jesus H. Christ Dan, where do you learn this sh*t? Even I don't know half that stuff."

8. Your friends hate watching films with you because during the fight scene or dramatic confrontation you shout "HA! Zastava M80! MP5K! HA!" or "Do you think Casino Royale was sponsored by Heckler and Koch?"

9. When your friends can find the courage to ask about guns you go on a rant that leads to, depending upon who's around, a shrill voice and hand wringing.

The End

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