You know you're too creative when...

1. You carry a minimum of 2 notebooks with you on all trips

2. You search for names for characters with newspapers, tv shows and magazines.

3. You sit in silence for minuets at a time until you finally shoot up and yell out 'Eureka!'

4. Everything you do has a meaning to it, and you search for it

5. Outside the box becomes there is no box

6. Normal everyday occurances become parts of your next story, but only hyped up and made fun by random occurances

7. You think to yourself: 'Impossible is nothing.'

8. While running for Cross Country, you almost run into a tree because you were thinking of new ideas for your current story (Just happened today)

9. You can build a large 'home' out of cardboard at a Church camp that is labled by some as a mansion and gets the comment 'nice courtyard' (That happened Tuesday, it was awesome)

10. You think that the Creative part of your brain has taken over your logical part and thus has created a brain with one idea: Think!

11. Everything goes to eleven.

The End

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