You know you belong in a fairytale when...

1. Whenever you get angry, you try to turn people into frogs.

2. You dream every night that you have grown wings.

3. You get a friend to take a thousand pictures of you outside in a fairy outfit and post them on facebook as your ‘fairy pictures.’

4. You’re much more comfortable in a book about fairies than in your own home.

5. Whenever you pick up the phone, you say in a dramatic voice, “I am your fairy godmother/godfather!” then laugh hysterically.

6. Most of your role models have: (for the girls) really, and I mean really long hair, beautiful complexions… and (for the guys), your role models have abilities to turn into strange creatures, are quick thinkers and excellent with a sword and bow. For both, your role models have impossible riches, or rags, (at least to start with), magical abilities, and never officially existed.

7. Whenever you see a dense forest you have an almost irresistible urge to go wander in it.

8. Whenever you tell someone about your day it always begins, “Once upon a time…”

9. You would go fight (or maybe try to befriend) a dragon any day over going to work/school or even the mall or a movie.

10. You are sure that when you are on your deathbed, your last words will be, “the End.”




(note: Alternate title for this one is "You know you are descended from a fairy creature when…")


The End

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