You know you need to lay off the Harry Potter books when...

For all you Harry Potter fans out there. :)

1.) You saddle your broom stick and try to kick off while doing routine cleaning.

2.) When you lost your house or car keys but are still convinced that you can open the door if you yell, "Alohomora!"

3.) You get freaked out if you have to go to a bathroom on the second floor of a building. You instinctively avoid the first stall because you're convinced Moaning Myrtle will start wailing.

4.) When you go on an extended roadtrip and you try to bewitch your car to make it appear as if you have more space than you actually do.

5.) When you get scared stiff at any bright, green light- even the light signal at night.

6.) You tried to make the Polyjuice potion- unsuccessfully. You know this because no whiskers formed, instead you were in the hospital for drinking poison because you had to modify the ingredients a little.

7.) When you're so lazy that you don't want to walk over to get said object, so you cry out "Accio" multiple times before giving up and rolling over.

8.) When you look in any mirror twice thinking you could happen upon the Mirror of Erised any day now.

9.) You go to ESPN or any other sports channel looking for Quidditch.

10.) When you think the regular post is boring and you spend your nights trying to catch an owl.

11.) You eat some seaweed and think you can suddenly breathe underwater. Needless to say, the lifeguards banned you from the pool. Permanently.

12.) You're still waiting on your Hogwart's acceptance letter- at 20 years old.

13.) You grab a bunch of ashes in a fireplace when you want to travel by floo powder and amaze your friends.

14.) If you live in London, you go to King's Cross station, point to the barrier between nine and ten knowing that just beyond it lies Platform nine and three quarters.

15.) Your dreams are flooded with monstrous three-headed dogs, human-sized spiders, and fire-breathing dragons. Of course, these could just be regular nightmares, but wouldn't that be a coincidence? :p

The End

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