(Despite seemingly popular belief) You know when you're (actually) on the brink of insanity when...

1) the majority of activities that you could be doing instead of sitting amongst troubling thoughs seem pointless, so instead you lower your head and raise your eyes towards the door, knowing very well that you're not going anywhere.

2) eye contact becomes a thing of the past

3) it takes far too long to fall asleep, and when and if you do begin to fall into a deep sleep you become pensive and wake yourself up startled.

4) you kick out in your sleep.

5) not only your thoughts seem troubled, but occassionally in moments of self-supposed madness you feel almost your entire back tingle in a drug-like stupor.

6) you don't think the peyote cactus on the windowsill will make much difference.

7) you carry the number for Aylesbury's Dove Center in your wallet

8) you begin toasting to dispositions you've noticed are possessed by various people in your company without any previous discussion.

9) you see yourself in Fyodor's Notes from underground

10) you finish off this list with a quote from your favorite poet that reads:

'Some people never go crazy, what truly horrible lives they must lead.'

The End

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