You know you're an RPer(Star Wars) when...

1) When you refer to your main character as a separate person. "See, now I wouldn't have anything to do with that... but Jarod, man, that dude's nuts... he'd have done it without a second thought."

2) When staying up till the wee hours of the afternoon are normal... why? Because other RPers are online and hell, you have an awesome plot going... or you just want to read that awesome ongoing plot.

3) When writing your main character's death scene brings you to the verge of tears... even if you know its for a non-story hypothetical plot that's just for kicks. Some might just even cry...

4) When you start thinking (and speaking) in the third person. "Tejas brushes his hair out of his eyes and looks around wondering just why in the damn world he's speaking in the third person."

5) When you can spend an hour under your comforter and security blanket (I swear it wasn't me but a friend!) trying to recreate what it must feel like to be hiding in a dingy room from a psychotic sith lord outside.

6) When its not uncommon for alternate/secondary characters to suddenly become main characters.

7) When you start to role play what you do while in chat boxes, letters, or any other form of written format. (Almost write *rolls his eyes before answering the obviously retarded excuse for a question* once...)

8) When you know more about the types of lightsaber crystals and can name obscure events and characters from the battle of Tenebrea and still haven't the foggiest of ideas who your prime minister is...

9)When most of your friends are RPers that you've never met before and at the very least live about 100 miles away from where you do if not on the other side of the globe.

10) When the term RL (Real Life) is a common distinction and is usually spoken with a fair amount of disdain... and sometimes outright incredulity. I mean, who'd want an RL anyways? Pshft..

11) When most of your RL friends (if any) have been taught to understand what RL refers to and have long ago stopped questioning it... or your RP career as well for fear of being bored to death by a slew of names, events, places and the like that they would never understand anyways.

12) When you smile knowingly while thinking of these... People who haven't experienced this just haven't lived.

13)Where it takes you 6 months of deliberation and the death of a few RP partners (their characters! Not the writers... *sniffs* they left...) to give you enough incentive to try out a site like this.

14) When you've written SO much star wars that you reference it as if it were a real set of events and places. "Seriously, that was as bad as when Jarod got captured by Yurba the Hutt in that failed undercover assignment... Wait, no... it was worse!"

15) When you're sure you can go on and on about more of these but realize that you have to reply to someone... or a few people and quickly hit the submit button so you can get back to your RPing.


*clicks Publish, a wide self satisfied smile plastered on his face*

The End

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