You Know You're A Teenage Writer When...

You know you're a teenage writer when ...

1.) In an exam, you scribble down notes on your exam paper/skin/clothes/table about that character that has been annoying you for the passed six days.

2.) You consider staying off school just because you have writers block.

3.) Any time someone comes in from 'connexions' (spelt weirdly ...) you yawn and sigh; you know what you want to do.

4.) You hate it when people jump on the bandwagon (twilight/harry potter/memoirs of a geisha/writing etc.)

5.) You read magazines, but then half way through throw it to the floor (any where) and grab your note book, scribbling down something that came to mind when you were staring at the staple in the middle.

6.) You drink coffee ... not just because it's Heaven on Earth, but you need to stay up tonight.

7.) You're willing to get up early, just to provide money for creative writing books.

8.) You cannot stand when people refer to you as an 'emo' just because you write.

9.) Starbucks isn't just a socializing place ... it's now your second home.

10.) You want to be like one of your characters.

11.) Your friends are sick to the bone of you asking to 'go over' your work, when they know you're just going to explain WHY the character went over to the place instead of the other place.

12.) And yet they call you extremely talented.

13.) To vent anger, you don't smoke, drink or go or go get deflowered, no, you go to your room and make the characters SUFFER.

14.) You seem to love the character that everyone seems to hate (e.g. Akito - Fruits Basket. Raye - Sailor Moon etc.)

15.) If your characters were real ... you'd marry one of them.

16.) On those facebook quizzes named 'what label are you?', you always seem to get 'Nerd' or something that involves day-dreaming.

17.) You turn off your phone when you write.

18.) You go over to your friends house, who lives a good 30 minute walk away, in the pouring rain, just to tell them something about your latest story idea.

19.) You're convinced that, compared to other people, you mean nothing to the world.

20.) You write to escape the fact that you've just realised that this world is rather cruel. You hate being naive.

21.) One of your characters is your alternate self!

Yeah ... ahah :D

The End

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