I Know I'm a Writer when

1.  I've always written, read, wished I'd written what I'd read.

2.  Even when I have a job when I'm not paid to write, I take a job where I can daydream.

3.  The only thing I care about losing, and believe me, I've lost, sold, left behind, but the only things I care about losing are my mobility and my laptop.  (and my virginity, call me "Bella")  The laptop because with that I always have words that people might buy, both figuratively and literally.

4.  Every conversation I hear, every passing car, everyone lined up at the grocery store, I instantly wonder what would happen next.

5. I surround myself with creative people instinctively.  (Thanks, P-tag)

6. I'm insecure about everything I write and it has never been good enough, even stuff that's been "approved"

7. I'm selfishly critical of other's endeavours.

8. I'm acutely sensitive to other people's dramas.

9. I hate talking about myself and find my life story boring.  It always needs a little more "zip"

10. I chastise myself continuouslt for not writing something, even if it's just some lame list.

(I know some of these are likely repeated - I mean, we're all writers - I've just spent the last who knows how long thinking about writing)

The End

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